Japanese "German Car" Magazine

After working off and on in Japan for 2 years I had never managed to track down any real classic car scene, let alone classic Mercedes. So, imagine how I felt when leaving Japan for the last time (probably) I found "German Car" magazine with just what I'd been trying to find in all that time.

Some sample pages, click on the image for a larger version:

A nice line in older MBs, especially that 6.9. Prices are a little hard to interpret, since from what I was told those 2 and 3 digit numbers can be 10s of thousands or 100s of thousands of Yen. I think these are 10s. At the time it was about Y100 = $Aus1, so the 6.9 is $Aus20,000.
Another advert from the magazine, typical selection of older and newer cars of interest.
Advert for a W123 specialist. I saw the white station wagon in the centre of the page at a show.
An article about the 600. They covered 4 cars this way: the 600, the 190SL, BMW 2002, and original BMW M3.