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Pictures of cars that interested me at the time, mainly from around where I live and work: Perth and Bridgetown in Western Australia, but also from other places where I've travelled and worked. Unless its obvious (like "Tokyo"), anywhere I don't specify a country assume the location was in Western Australia.

Please remember these pages were put together originally simply to organise my pictures, so the presentation is pretty basic. Some of the pictures were taken with a telephone because that's all that was available when the opportunity arose, so the quality is lower. I also had a period where the auto focus on my camera kept turning itself off, so there's a few pictures that are not as good as I'd like. If you find broken links or other errors please let me know.


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Tokyo Mille Miglia 2005
Toyota Megaweb, Tokyo
Tokyo Motor Show 2005
Tokyo Special Import Car Show 2006
Japanese "German Car" Magazine